Jacob Sena

Kyle "Iceman" Bruns is a 22 year old from Chicago, Illinois. He started his gaming career by playing COD WaW then switched over to siege when the game came out. Besides gaming, he is a huge Chicago fan. This includes the Bears, White Sox, Blackhawks, Fire, and Wolvies. He is extremely excited and ready to take all teams in his path.  

Ed Mitchell


vs TeamSacreD   ON GOING

​vs Team Clarity        WEEK 5

​vs RAG3                     WEEK 6

​​vs UnKnwn Esports WEEK 7

vs The Brotherhood WEEK 7

Operator of Choice

Operator of Choice

Lain "iDown" Fowler is a 20 year old from Portland, Oregon. Besides playing siege, he is a huge football and racing fan. He also enjoys playing disc gold on his free time when he is not playing siege. He looks forward to be playing under Poseiden and is expecting big wins with this team.

ReacTionn (CAPTAIN)

Dalton Montgomery




Ed "ReacTionn" Mitchell is a 23 year old from Chicago, Illinois. He started playing competitively through Call of Duty WaW but soon moved over to siege ever since the game was first released. He has a lot of experience, playing against top tier players and teams. Besides playing siege, he enjoys sports and is an avid hockey player.

Rainbow 6 Xbox One Roster

Operator of Choice

Jacob "Sleepycat" Sena is a 23 year old from Kansas City, Missouri. He spends most of his time competing in multiplayer fps games but by far playing siege is his favorite. He does enjoy a various of hobbies such as origami and taking care of his two tiger salamanders. He also LOVES cats, can you tell?

Lain Fowler

Kyle Bruns

Operator of Choice

Garrett "Dragonn" Nicolarsen started his competitive career off on Halo: Reach. He was top 3,000 worldwide for the gamemode Swat. Although he is a hardcore gamer, on his spare time he likes to be with his girlfriend and watch movies together. He looks forward to a good time and a bunch of wins with this team and organization.



Operator of Choice



Dalton "Monty" Montgomery is a 20 year old from Louisiana. He loves to play siege and loves to help anyone with anything they need. His favorite sport is baseball and forever will be a Yankees fan. He works in paper mills and refineries as a day job but gaming is his true passion. One of his favorite quotes is: "Always work hard for what you want and it'll pay off in the end".

Poseiden R6

Operator of Choice


Monty (SUB)

vs RegimeGG           6-2

vs HiLife                    7-6

​vs Atomic Esports   6-1

​vs RAG3                    6-0