Luis Soberal

Austin is a kid who's dream is to hit the big league. He has been playing competitive COD for 7 years and he believes this is his year. He says: "I like the way we can play together and learn from losses. We keep a level head even when we are losing. Our communication is on point and I feel like we can bring big things to this organization." 

Weapon of Choice



Weapon of Choice

Weapon of Choice

Noah is a 17 year old currently playing as a sub for Poseiden's Call of Duty Team. He started playing COD when he was six years old but has only stared to get into the competitive scene last year. Since then, he has been grinding his way up. Noah is looking forward to watching the team grow and succeed together. He believes there is a lot of potential and that they will go the distance.


Cody has been playing competitive COD for 5 years. He has played in multiple lans and continues to grind and stream consistently. He says: "I have a passion not only for COD but for gaming in general. I love competing at the highest level possible." He believes this new COD has brought the fun back into it. He continues to say: "Our team is unbelievably slay heavy, we have the talent to compete with top teams. We will soon be unstoppable"

Weapon of Choice

Christopher Wilks

Christopher was born and raised in a small town in the middle of Kansas. He started competing back in BO3 and hopes to go somewhere with this team on day. He is excited to build some friendships in the COD community and hopefully go somewhere with these teammates in the near future.


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Noah Teeter

Weapon of Choice

Poseiden Call Of Duty: BO4

Cody Griffith

Austin Harris

Luis was born in Queens, New York and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts. He somehow then ended up in Florida. He is a father to his beautiful daughter. He always had the dream on becoming a professional Call of Duty player since he was a young boy. He says; "I am currently just working hard everyday to make that dream come true"