Desire Rising Merges With Poseiden Esports

               A Brand New Start For Poseiden Esports

Kimbery Alejo- 09/24/2018​​​

​​On September of 2018, an upcoming esports team, Desire Rising, merges under the Poseiden Esports name. With Desire Rising's fast growth, the CEO of Poseiden Esports, Cody Griffith, decided to offer Desire Rising a proposal. After discussion, the merge was in full sail. 

On September 23rd 2018, the announcement was made to the public. The CEOs of Poseiden Esports will be Cody Griffith and Kimberly Alejo, former CEO of Desire Rising. Austin Smith, former COO of Desire Rising, will continue as COO and Owner for Poseiden Esports. The Desire Rising twitter will be turned into a nonprofit organization to supply money to different charities. Poseiden Esports is excited to work with such an energized, hardworking organization like Desire Rising.

Recruitment Challenge

               Poseiden Hosts Recruitment Challenge for New Members

Kimbery Alejo- 10/31/2018​​​

Poseiden is happy to announce that they will be hosting a recruitment challenge for those interesting in joining! A video will be posted soon with more information. Although there is no definite ending to when this recruitment challenge may end, Poseiden is looking to bring in more members who are dedicated and willing to grind.

         As stated from Kim, CEO and Owner of Poseiden Esprorts: "Although most teams are looking for people who have a big following, we look past their following and look more into the person. We want people who are going to take the initiative and work hard to help grow the organization, themselves as well as each other."
         Cody, CEO and Owner of Poseiden, also has this to say: "We want members who are going to be driven, has a passion, committed and are productive. The most important part of being in an organization is the willingness to grow and be a vital aspect to the Poseiden family."

         Austin, COO and Owner of Poseiden, finalizes by stating: "I truly want to see people who stand out above the rest. Right now, whether its youtube, twitch, esports, gaming, things are being repetitive. Someone who can make something different and feel refreshing has my full attention."ope.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

               Poseiden Participates in BCA with Aporia Customs

Kimbery Alejo- 10/01/2018​​​

For the whole month of October, Aporia Customs will be donating 10% of all profit made to St. Jude. In addition, Poseiden will be donating 40% of our proceeds as well. For this month, you can purchase a pink version of the Poseiden short sleeve jersey. Make sure to use the code "PSDN" for 5% off.

Poseiden Esports highly recommends for everyone to either donate to the cause and/or help by spreading awareness. All of Poseidens social media designs will be pink during the month of October to help spread awareness. Be the hope.