These players, along with our staff, have really forged out what this company has become. We have all collectively put in some serious hours to hone our skills and build our brand. If you haven't noticed by now I say we and our A LOT. Well that's because even though I may own this org. I know It wouldn't be where it is know without everyone here and those that left so I wanted this portion to be a BIG THANK YOU to all the guys and girls that helped us become what we are now.

Middle Ages

​     Unfortunately as in any business, loses happen and people leave. After a few months of grinding out our dreams, life happened and a few of our core guys moved into a different phase of their life. We wished them nothing but the best and still keep in contact with each one. Now became a new challenge......recruitment.  This is probably the most aggravating this in the world to do.  At least for COD it is, Every Player is "The Best Player in the world." But finally, after many arduous tryouts and scrims. We found a good 8 or so solid players.  We also picked up a few good content creators and an amazing GFX guy, if you cant tell by the site.

The Beginning

     Our Inception started in December of 2016. I was the captain for another org's Call Of Duty team based in Florida. Unfortunately we saw the bad side of the business and got screwed pretty hard so we decided to create our own organization. Poseiden Esports was created with the intent to be one of, if not the most player friendly org out there. We wanted to create a place where players, streamers and content creators would have a safe haven to just be themselves and  blossom.  The Logo to the left was our original logo, As we originate from a state that is surrounded by water, what better mascot then the king of the sea himself?

The Now

     For the now, Call of Duty is our bread and butter and the reason why most of us are here. We Stream it, Grind it, Video it and most importantly compete in it. We will be attending MLG  Dallas, MLG New Orleans, and MLG Atlanta this year to put our stamp on the competitive scene. Our roster is on the Teams page and most generally stream and stay on twitter so if you have any questions or just want to chat go ahead and drop a follow and hit them up. As for our (red headed stepchild) or as we like to call them, our destiny team. This team is ran by one of our original COD players and is compiled of 4 very skilled players who cant wait for Bungee to get off their asses and patch in some customs games so we can start wrecking there as well. you can find, follow, and stalk them on the team page under the Destiny 2 header.  We look to continue to innovate our brand and build a better following, but that starts with you. yes you the reader. if you like what you see or have thoughts, concerns suggestions or want to be apart of this big family, follow @Poseidenesports on twitter and let us now whats going on in that head of yours.

The Origins of Poseiden Esports